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The Original Offshore Charter

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The Original Offshore Charter

Post by RedneckAngler on Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:47 pm

This past week, my brother and I had the opportunity to fish aboard the Albatross III with Capt. Ernie Foster out of Hatteras, NC. Ernie is the son of Ernal Foster, the first charter captain on the OBX, and the Albatross was the first charter boat to work these waters. Ernie and his dad used to take out my Godmother Betsy Walker and her husband Ross in the 50s and 60s, when my Aunt Betts became the first woman to land an Atlantic Blue Marlin. The original Albatross dates back to the 30's, and our boat, the AIII, is the baby, built in the 50s. She still runs with her original bamboo outriggers and a fighting chair that has served legends such as Al Pfleuger. While hoping to emulate my Godmother with an epic billfish, we spent the day catching lots of nice dolphin, bonito, mackerel and even a small bluefin. The catching began early on, as my brother and I hooked into four big gaffers simultaneously (2 in pic). As fun as the fishing was, the chance to talk to Capt. Ernie and listen to him describe trips with pioneers of the sport was the true highlight of the trip. Ernie even brought out a rod to fish given to his father by Ross four decades ago. Knowing that this rod was a memento that hadn't seen the salt in 40 years really made me appreciate the bond the Foster family had with my Aunt Betts and her husband Ross, who passed away before I was old enough to remember him. We caught fish, had a beautiful day on the ocean, and really came back with a greater knowledge and appreciation of where the sport came from. I hope o fish with Capt. Ernie and the Albatross again.


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