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More on the night trip and tangle free fishing

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More on the night trip and tangle free fishing

Post by RedneckAngler on Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:17 am

From Meatloaf....
I totally agree....ya know i think i made a mistake stretching my money to get the trip in...i think if i am this strapped for cash next year, i will do the BFb and skip the bass trip and do shore trips instead...true you can only catch monster bass when you are in the right place at the right time, but affording that is a must.....i do not regret that taught me a lesson....1)only use 20's!...16's are just a waste of time for me..2)next time we do a bass nite trip, get as many heads as possible to fill the boat....ask rna...we had morons to the left of us...i feel akin to many fisherman...but they lacked common sense...if you are tangled and your hook is right in front of you...fuckin take it off!....i kinda yelled at them the last drift....oh well ....i think they were too dumb to notice anyways...
3)good friends can cheer you up even when there are no fish...the more the better..

charlie2750 asked me if i wanted to do a 6 person charter....and i said...i like these better...cheaper...more friends....and the only thing i want to do now is share fishing with everyone i know...i want everyone to know that if music were fishing, we could listen to everything

We definitely hit the famine of this season's feast or famine cycle. The guys fishing next to us were no help, as more people spent drifs getting untangled from them than fishing. The mate spent most of his night with them, and tried to offer advice and techniques to fish better, but it was pearls to swine.

My solution for tangle free fishing (last 4 trips no hang ups). Fish braid with 20 oz. sinkers. Most of the boats are fishing 16oz. and all w/ mono. With braid and 20, + dropping just after everyone else, I am fishing more vertically while they are drifting well back of my gear. If I hook up, my fish is swimming underneath everyone elses lines rather than across them. Saturday I fished off the bow on the opposite side as everyone else as the captain wasn't worried about my line snagging others by drifting too far under the boat. This seems to work for me, as long as everyone else doesn't show with the same idea. The crews tend to frown on several people in close proximity fishing braid as the tangles become nightmares.


"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Albert Einstein. Is Al a fishing guru trying to tell us something, or are we all just insane?

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