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endura 24 trollin motor review

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endura 24 trollin motor review

Post by meatloaf on Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:57 am

i got mine at cabelas...i got it for the cheapness, thrust and for the extra 6 inches in height as opposed to their cheapest pushes my 11.5 ft'r around just fine, even against chop or river current..i am pleased to say it was of my greatest is easy to maneuver,easily adjusts,and has a telescopic's thrust is 34 lbs, it's a transom mount, and comes with a battery tester...i don't need the tester, but it works with all 12v so it's good for a motorcycle or car battery.....trolling motors are essential to creeping up to a spot....i wonder if i will mount my fish fibber to it, or get a standalone bracket for the fibber

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